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The Sven Ribbons Foundation is an international breast cancer charity that has made its goal raise money for cancer by climbing the Seven Summits and additionally running a 26.2 mile marathon on every continent.  This will include two Ironman triathlons and has never been done before.

Our purpose is simple: Inspire those with breast cancer to beat the disease and become survivors, work to prevent the disease from spreading to other parts of the body by promoting early detection, and to raise money for breast cancer research.

One of the unique things about the Seven Ribbons Foundation is that after each milestone summit, whether it be a training climb in the Alps, or one of the famous Seven Summits, we give all of our climbing gear away to cancer patients after each climb.  We do this as a way to inspire patients to keep fighting and to let them know that there are people they may not even know doing something incredible for their benefit.

All money raised through the Seven Ribbons Foundation is donated directly to breast cancer research.  All climbs, marathons, events and activities are paid for by the members of the Seven Ribbons Foundation.

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